Soul Alchemy

Loving Guidance Through
Trance Channeling
with Areanne Lloyd

"You are a perfect
package of potential"

Soul Alchemy is the process of connecting to and living from your truest best self.

e channels The Guides, a group energy who have spoken through her for over 20 years.  They help us to see who we really are, who we are striving to be. Operating from the old adage, "It all begins with me," they are primarily concerned with showing us how each of us, individually, can live from our true nature.  So they talk to us about the misunderstandings, our societal and cultural inheritances, that have prevented us from being our truest and best selves.  They open our eyes and our hearts to truths that help us dissolve the obstacles to our joy.  And then they give us exercises and practices to help us experience and become who we truly are: loving, creative, conscious manifestors. Even after all these years, I still find myself awed and inspired by what The Guides have to say to us.

       Here is a brief excerpt, an exercise The Guides gave us that I invite you to start using:

"You can look into your mirror at the end of the day and say to the image in the mirror, 'I am a good person.' With conviction.  You don’t have to do it in anybody’s presence.  But you have got to hear the words come out of your mouth, directed at you: 'I am a good person.'   And notice how that makes you feel.  Because how it makes you feel is both delighted and embarrassed. So what you want to do is keep doing it so that the ‘delighted’ gets a little stronger than the ‘embarrassed,’ until the 'embarrassed’ doesn’t exist anymore.  'I am a good person!  And that’s a good thing, to be a good person.  I like me. I am valuable. I am worthy.'"

Two mini-books from the channeled material are now published and available. The first one is called "Love YourSelf, Why it matters, How to do it." Click on the "Learn more" link below to read an excerpt.
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The second one:

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