About The Channeling
and the Channel

I am what is called a conscious channel. First of all, what's a channel?  We are many and varied.  In my case, it means that I create a space in me that allows great beings of wisdom and knowledge to speak through me. 
     How do I do that?  The truth is, I don't really know how I do it.  What I do is, I bless my body, which seems to move the Areanne personality off to the right somewhere, where I can listen in, but can't actually participate in the process.  It only takes a few seconds.  I get moved away and The Guides fill me with an amazing, loving energy.  And then they start talking to you, about you, about your life and your concerns. 
      The Guides' purpose in coming through is stated in this quote:

"It is not our purpose to take from you
your power to manifest your life.
It is our purpose to introduce you
to truths about yourself,
that you may then go beyond the limits
of those truths,
or expand them into more.
It is our job to make certain that you have
what you need
to be the powerful
manifesting entities that you came here to be."

  The reason I do this is, first, because the wisdom they bring is so useful and timely and inspiring.  But it's also my purpose to inspire, empower and guide people to identify and live from their truest, best self.  It's been my experience that the best way for me to do that is to bring The Guides.
      When you come for a channeling, whether group or private, expect first of all to hear the truth. The Guides know us on a level we want to know ourselves, and they are able to point out to us aspects of ourselves, ideas we have about ourselves, truths about ourselves that we need to know in order to grow beyond our limitations.
      When you book a channeling, I'll tell you to be sure to write down all your questions. What kinds of questions? The kinds of questions you might ask if you had a chance to speak with the wisest person in the universe, with the one who knows you the best. Then come to the session with an open heart and an open mind and be willing to receive wisdom, truth and homework!

"Grant unto yourself the wonder of your being;
the glory of the choice that you made to become
human and live on the planet at this time.

Bless yourself daily for granting yourself
this life that you are living."
-- The Guides

Here's a little five-minute video clip to give you a feel:  Video

Here's what's available for you:

Individual, private readings are about you.  A private reading focuses on you, your issues and  your questions about your life, as well as what The Guides want you to know and consider for that moment. The reading can include the people in your life, too. For instance, parents frequently have questions about what’s going on with their children. Private readings are appropriate for anyone who is ready to go in depth into their own growth and transformation, step by step. Private readings are $90.  They're recorded and sent to you on either CD or via upload.

Joint or shared readings are for two friends who want to share a session, either because it will save them each money or because they are dealing with shared issues. Joint readings are for couples who want to build trust and intimacy. They are an opportunity to create a support system between the two by knowing what the other is dealing with and helping them deal with it in positive ways. Oftentimes in joint readings each participant is given specific ways in which they can support the other. This can deepen the relationship in wonderful ways. Joint readings for two people are $120. Joint readings can also be arranged for three to four people, too.

Joint/shared readings include a CD or upload of the session.

Team Readings are for groups of people working together on a specific project. It can be a business, a theater experience, a volunteer team on a specific project – anything that brings a specific group of people together for a specific purpose. The team reading can help the team sharpen their focus and become aware of stumbling blocks and how to get around them. Team readings are priced according to how many are on the team.

Team readings include one CD (or upload) of the session, which the team is free to duplicate for each member.

Group readings are for everyone. The information that comes through is more general and applicable to everyone, usually with specific practices that will help you achieve more success in the area being discussed. Groups are especially good for people who are curious about what channeling is, and want a safe place to explore. They’re also a wonderful opportunity for people to get to know each other better. Participants in group sessions usually feel a sense of community as a result of sharing the group experience, which often creates support and encouragement among them for furthering the lessons of the session. The answers to the questions individuals ask in the group setting almost always apply to the others there, so everyone benefits from one person’s question and answer. Groups are a way to hear wisdom it may not have occurred to you to seek on your own, and they can be a wonderful way to find people who share your journey and your way of thinking. Groups are $20 per person.

If you have questions or want to arrange for a reading, please call me at (503) 941-9371 or write me: I look forward to getting to know you.

“Love your lives.  Make occasions to celebrate yourselves often.
Remember: what you are touches everybody else.
Touch them with joy, with exuberance, with laughter,
with permission to be alive.  So be it.”
                                        --The Guides