The Guides - on the subject of 2012

NOTE: This is from a group channeling done in San Diego, CA, October 12, 2007. The participants’ questions and comments are italics. The Guides’ responses are in regular typeface.

I’ve been working with students and classes, and something that keeps coming up is 2012--Armageddon, earthquakes, global warming, a lot of catastrophic fear.


So is this something that is actually manifesting physically? Or is it more people’s lives are going to be changing and they’re fearful of the outer change?

Your society is in a period of transition. Transition always brings upheaval. Throughout the ages there have been predictions of Armageddon, of utter destruction, of earth changes, and tsunami and earthquake and volcano, and destruction and destruction everywhere. And always there are those who are convinced it is going to happen. And it is a brilliant way to control an entire people – by keeping them in such a state of fear that they never decide to create for themselves a world in which they want to live.

The answer to your question is yes. Both. But the power of the human spirit to mitigate any circumstance is so much bigger than your culture and society permit you to encounter or even conceive of or contemplate. And that is what we are talking about: the idea that you have never entrained to create your world.

These predictions, these expectations, by keeping everybody in a state of fear and helplessness – because they are so huge, whatever can one small individual do about it, other than to dig a cave in which to hide.

But what every individual can do is arise their own vibratory frequency to a level of love and joy that absolutely affects the vibration of the planetary situation. And you know that to be true.


And that is what you speak to your students. You speak to your students, “You have the power to change it. You have the power, by creating your life to be a life of joy and creativity, to change any prediction into a situation of love and joy and success and productivity and blessing.

“And the way that you begin to discover that power within you is to think about what you would prefer. Not whether you want chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Not whether you want blue shoes or black shoes. But whether you want peace or striving. Whether you want joy or argument. These are the preferences that we invite you to contemplate as you go through the course of your day. Because as you allow yourself to focus on joy and love, and understand that that is your preference, you will begin to act from that preference so that you will arise yourself to a level of joy and love that will affect all the vibrations around you.” This is what you say to your students. And you say to them, “Your fear is not going to change any event, except perhaps to bring it on more quickly. So your fear does not serve you or your family or society. Better to focus on your joy, which serves everybody you encounter, and mitigates the vibrational destructions that may or may not be occurring under your feet.”

It is a preference to live in fear or in happiness. If neither will have any effect, would you still not choose to live in happiness? Is that not the more preferable choice?  Always make your choice in favor of joy and love.

The side benefit of doing so will be the upraising of the entire civilization. Living in fear will only make everything denser and more to be feared. So you have a choice. It is wholly your choice to live in fear or joy. I would suggest you choose joy. But it is your choice. Just chant to yourself, “I have a choice,” and see what comes up as you do this chanting. Over the course of a day or a week. A few seconds here and there over the course of a day, “I have a choice. I can choose. What do I want to choose? What is my preference? What does the soul of me cry to express? And how do I bring that to fruition?” Do you understand? You can all take that with you.