"Love YourSelf"

“Love YourSelf: Why it matters, How to do it” is the first mini-book in the series of minibooks compiled from the group channelings. Here is a brief excerpt from “Love YourSelf”:

“The work we have come to do is to speak with entities such as yourselves and begin to effect the transformation of the consciousness of the planet. It is our job to give you blessings to use and tools to work with to achieve all that you desire so that you can be the powerful manifesting entities that you came here to be.

Everything is an opportunity to learn more about you. And move on, and expand, and evolve. Because that is what your life is about: expansion, and evolution into more, into greater, into fulfillment. Into loving what you are.”

Table of Contents

Note to the Reader
Preface: "...The great journey of your life -- discovering you!"
Introduction: "Do you want to know how to love yourself? Cease judging everything you do."
Chapter 1: How Did We Get In This Mess?
Chapter 2: Why It Matters
Chapter 3: Identity
Chapter 4: Learn To Hear Your Own Voice
Chapter 5: Prayers, Mantras and Exercises
End Note

Some readers' comments:

Areanne Lloyd’s mini-book, “Love YourSelf: Why It Matters”
is an inspirational read. It’s easy to carry with you and connect daily
with spiritual wisdom and guidance. The prayers, mantras, and exercises

are an excellent reinforcement for our everyday life.
I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to live a more conscious life.

Badeish Lange
Life Coach & Spiritual Teacher


I have always heard that you have to love yourself before you can
love someone else... I have never really understood that statement.
Until now.

“Love YourSelf” captures and offers you guidance in love,
loving, compassion, forgiveness and a new vision.
It holds the spiritual wisdom and essence of what you need
in order to love yourself. Finally I UNDERSTAND and I am applying
the teachings in my life.

WandaSue Ennis,
Long Beach, CA


I have been reading your book and finding it very helpful.
The advice from The Guides has been resonating with me
and I am taking it to heart."

Sue B., Glendale, CA

More mini-books are already in the works. They will focus on Judgment, Relationships, Joy & Fear, Manifesting and other topics The Guides have talked about over time.
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