Imbue Yourself With Joy

(The following is not from the book, "Love YourSelf."  This is an excerpt from a group channeling held a few years ago in Los Angeles, CA.)

Imbue Yourself With Joy
     At every stage of your existence, there is always something that you tell yourselves to negate the joy of your existence. There is always something that just is not good enough, something to be depressed about. "I am not beautiful enough. Everybody says to me I am beautiful, but I look in the mirror, and I compare myself to those are truly beautiful. And I am just not beautiful enough.” And six months later, or a year later, something happens to make you less beautiful than you were before. "I am not thin enough. Yes, I can wear pretty clothes, but I am so much heavier than I ought to be." And six months later, or a year later, you've put on 15 or 20 more pounds. “I am depressed. I just can't seem to pull myself out of this slough." And six months later, or a year later, you find yourself fighting a deadly illness, or you find yourself bankrupt, or you find yourself ready for an asylum because you are going to commit suicide.
     The words that you speak to yourself have such power to create what you speak. Do you understand? This entity spoke for 10 years, "I've got to get out of this town." For ten years. "I've got to get out of this town; I want to go to the magic land." And it took 10 years. But he got there. Because he spoke it to himself with a sense of joyful anticipation; not despair. It wasn't, "I've got to get out of this hell that I live in.” It was, “I've got to go where the magic is!” Do you see the difference? To speak, "I've got to get out of this hell that I'm living in,” makes the hell more hellish, ultimately. Because the focus of your attention is on 'hell', not on 'magic.'
     You are trained all of your lives to see the negative about yourself and your life. And you accept that that is the way it is supposed to be. And so you enhance the negative about your lives. And in these days of rapid time movement, and in these days of rapid transformation on the planet, it is so important for you to catch yourself in the words that you speak to yourself, so that the thought, “I am so depressed,” must immediately be followed by, "and I demand to feel happy again. What can I do to lift myself out of this depression?” And if it means to go to bed for the day, then you go to bed for a day. But if the next day you have not arisen a bit your energy out of the state of depression, you have got to ask yourself, “What is the benefit to me to stay in this depression state of being? How do I benefit from being unhappy?" There will always be a benefit, and you have got to find it.
     For most of you the benefit is that nobody expects anything of you. And everybody says, "Oh, poor baby!" and you get some attention. But mostly it's that nobody expects anything of you. And so you get to get away with being less than what you are.
     You have got to be the evolutionary entities that you are here to be by demanding of yourselves joy in your life. Evolutionary entities are on the planet at this time to be joy in their lives, in order for the light of joy to emanate from that which you are and shine upon those around you so that they can be uplifted a little bit. Because the majority of humanity feels powerless and utterly helpless to direct their own destiny.
     Evolutionary entities demand of themselves the power to direct their destiny. And that is effected in many, many ways. For some of you, it is constantly to chant the name of God, because chanting the name of God brings joy into the body. And joy into the body means joy out of the body. And that joy touches others. And for some of you it is sitting down and making a list of that which you must have. And then writing, and writing, and writing, and writing… until you convince yourself that you deserve to have what you must have. And then setting about achieving that thing.
     For some of you, it is to sit and pray, to sit and meditate. For some of you it is to go out into the world and touch it, physically, with your hands. Treat their ills. Tickle them to make them laugh. Speak to them and give them an ear so they can dump their garbage all over you. Because their garbage will wash off of you, and it poisons them. Do you understand what we are talking about? It is so important that you command forth, from that which you are, the most joyful of existences… so that you can touch them the way that you came here to touch them.
     And then you are faced with what you perceive to be a choice that you must make between self and other. Because as you listen to these words that we speak to you, and as you allow yourself to feel a response to these words, you think to yourself, “But I want to be for me. I want to create my life for me. I want to be happy for me! And if I must be happy so they can grow, then I’ve got to turn my life over to them. And then what will become of me?”
     And as we speak these words, we can hear the minds going: “I am so selfish. How could I think that way? How could I feel that way?” But you do. And we say to you, be selfish. Absolutely be selfish. Because if you are not in joy for you, you have nothing to give to them. So there is no conflict at all. Absolutely command forth joy in your life − for you − so that it can be so much that it spills over to them.
     We do not ask you to give up anything. We ask you to take more! To demand more for yourself. We beg you − we BEG you − to demand joy in your life. And we say to you to begin chanting every day − in your imagination or out loud, or whatever works for you -- but to just begin to chant every day, all day long:

“I am joy. I am joy.

Joy emanates from within my being
and spills out and touches everything I touch.
I am joy. I am joy in my life.
I am joy in my being. I am joy.
I am the love of the god that I love.”

     If you could allow yourselves to chant this thing − many, many times during the day − and in the chanting allow yourselves to feel an opening, an awakening, an upward movement of vibratory force within you, doors will open for you, some of which you did not even know you were pounding upon. Begin to chant to be in joy, to be in joy, to be in joy. Let yourself feel what you feel in response to the chant. See where it takes you. So be it.


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