Interview with The Guides

I've uploaded the audio from my February 2010 cable access TV show.  In this half-hour show, my friend, Susan Buckley, had about 18 questions that we had collected, questions people wanted The Guides to answer.  So we set up this TV episode as an interview show.  Of course, The Guides being The Guides, we actually were able to cover about three questions, from Unified Field Theory to personal responsibility to help in a disaster.

The audio clip begins with me introducing the show and talking about what we are about to do.  I'd written out a brilliant introduction (I can say that because you're never going to hear it and be able to judge for yourselves) but the teleprompter malfunctioned and I ended up having to ad lib the whole thing.  Fortunately it's only about three minutes.  Then I'm into trance and The Guides come through with their customary brilliant, wise and inspirational dialogue.  So click here and enjoy.