"Judgment or Joy: It's Your Choice"

My new mini-book is out and available!

Here's a quote from the Preface:

"Human entities are judgmental entities. 
Saints are the only ones who do not judge. 
Do not expect sainthood of yourself. 
Allow yourself to be human. 
But in that humanness, demand of yourselves evolution --
to become less and less judgmental by allowing all entities
their preference and their choices...

"Be in joy in your lives.  And when you notice yourself judging,
be gentle with yourself and set aside the judgment. 
Begin to allow all their journey,
regardless of what their journey is."

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Judgmentality
Repressing Feelings
Chapter 2: The Physiology of Judgment
Chapter 3: Reinquishing Judgment
Chapter 4:  Contemplating Joy
Chapter 5: The Physiology of Joy
Chapter 6:  Allowing Joy
Chapter 7:  Keep the Rainbow Before You
Chapter 8: Prayers, Mantras, Practices
Chapter 9:  Closing Thoughts

Ordering Information:

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6-15 copies - $8.45 each (15% discount) (+ $4.00 s/h)

15 copies or more - $7.86 each (21% discount) (+ $7.50 s/h)