Audio Clips

Here are all the audio clips.  Click on any link to be taken to the clip itself.  Some you can listen to right there, others you'll need to download.  Either way, listen at your leisure.  Consider taking some notes.  In almost every one there's an exercise or two that The Guides offer to enhance our lives and our practices, so write them down and try them out.   And then please let me know how it works for you.  Let's start a community of mutual support so we are always encouraging ourselves and each other to keep up with the practices that enhance our lives and our overall well-being.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Just send me an email:  Happy hearing! 

1.  "Glorious Day" - April 10, 2010 TeleChanneling.  A brief, wonderful talk on the importance of inviting joy into our daily lives by proclaiming every day a "glorious day!"  Click here for the link to the clip.

2.  "Focus on What Works" - March 6, 2010 TeleChanneling.  A dialogue on finding how you experience joy in your life, and then using your own style to generate a joyous attitude in yourself.  Here's the link to the clip:  Click here.

3.  "It's All Within You" - Dec. 6, 2009.  A brief, 17-minute dialogue that's well worth listening to.  There were some technical glitches recording this one, which is why it's so short, but take a listen anyway.  Go here to download the recording.

4.  "Transformation." - November 8, 2009.  The following is the full recording of the channeling done on Sunday, Nov. 8, 2009. I hope you find it as wonderful and valuable as I do. In it, The Guides ask us to get together to discuss this wisdom and how we can apply it to our lives.

Download this file, listen to it, share it, and then get together and discuss it with others who have listened to it. Share your understanding of what's being said, put the suggestions into practice, listen again in a week or so and get together with the same people to once again discuss it again. Do you get a different sense of what The Guides are saying? Check in and support each other's practice using the wisdom.  Click here to go to the audio.

5.  "Soul's Journey."  Oct. 30, 2009.  A dialogue on becoming your "truest, soulularly expressive self."   Click the link.  Again, listen, share, dialogue. 

If you like any of these perhaps you'll be moved to treat Areanne to a cup of tea.